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Meet the mixers.

The range

The line-up

A sunset-coloured, natural tonic water

Amber Tonic

Case of 24


Seriously delicious, this is a bold, zesty, premium Indian tonic water

Classic Dry Tonic

Case of 24


A pared-back version of the Classic Dry, with reduced sweetness

Extra Dry Tonic

Case of 24


A deep, punchy, old school bitter lemon

Bitter Lemon Tonic

Case of 24


A riff on an old school brewed ginger beer, with a serious kick of spice

Ginger Beer

Case of 24


A true mixing water, with a perfectly neutral, local base

Soda Water

Case of 24


The story

At midnight is when we do our best work

It’s also when we came up with the idea of producing our own range of mixers.

The brief was simple; the highest quality mixers, designed to work with the best craft spirits, whether served in a bar, a restaurant or at home.

They had to be produced locally and packaged in a way that would have the least environmental impact possible.

After months of burning the midnight oil, the results are in the can. Please enjoy – from all of us at Bibendum Bar.

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Classic Gin & Tonic
by Bibendum Bar
By Bibendum Bar
And when you’re done

Our packaging is fully recyclable

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The finest range of craft mixers on the planet.

Low impact and lightweight for easy recycling.

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